We love kitesurfing.

We do it on land, snow, but mostly on water. Since 2010 when this sport influenced me this is my life. After a few years just sitting in the office looking out the window checking the wind, i had enough, so i decided give up my office job and do this thing for living. That is how i became a kitesurf instructor. Sharing this amazing sport with others, seeing the smiles, making people happy that is my passion. Nothing can make me tired after a day of work. It is charges me up…

Kitesurf is freedom

So it is time for you! Come with us, learn kitesurfing! Trust me, it is EASY, and anyone can do it. Does not requires crazy effort, I taught kids from 8-11 years, up to 70 years old guys within 2-3 days. I had people with doubt, had guys they haven’t done any sports in their life before, old, young, and we always nailed it! Now they happily kiting somewhere the world! Some of them was born talent, some of them needed an extra lesson, but there is no hopeless student!

You can do the same thing! You can kitesurf!

Kitesurf is for everyone!

Some people collects stamps, or baseball cards, others (more rich guys) collects cars… 🙂
I collect students. Be one of them! 🙂

Here is my previous collection from Thailand! Funny, huh?

from lefi on Vimeo.

Viki, my love is doing it already too. I have been teaching her for kitesurf since a year, and now she is a confident, advanced rider with basic jumping skills! That is pretty impressive in a year! From zero to hero!

The key is that somebody keeps eye on you, and correcting you as often as needed, not to learn the bad thing. Once you understand a skill you can correct your own mistakes!

And if you are a more experienced kitesurfer, join for a nice ride! Maybe go for the next level! There is always a bigger, harder kitesurf trick. Go for it! I can help you on the way, by choosing the right path! First backroll, frontroll? Kite jump with grab? Kiteloops? Unhooked tricks? Let’s do it! It is still easy and safe in a lesson!

Kitesurfing on the lake – Lake Como experience

At the school we work now, we have a special teaching method adapted to the unique conditions. As a beginner you will have a theoretical part on land. You will be tested if you understand it well, about the wind and especially about the safety. Later on the middle of the lake we launch you from the boat. The kitesurfing magic starts here.
As everybody learns the fastest by trial – you will also! Once you are IN you will pick up so fast with piloting, kite control,  and moving with the kite that it is unbelievable. You become very soon ONE with your kite. You will control the kite without thinking, you will feel the kite instinctively. This is what we aiming for! Muscle memory! Just as you drive your car, no thinking, just doing!

Boat kitesurfing lesson
Boat kitesurfing lesson

Usually clients learn 3-5 times faster in this condition – on a land lesson you spend half of the lessons by walking back upwind after a few tries.
YOU CAN be on the kiteboardboard, riding the wind in your first session!
That is pretty amazing! Lake Como offers not more but the perfect and safe conditions for learning kitesurfing, in mid lake there are no danger! Only you and your kite and 10 kilometers playground in the front of you! And I will be next to you with the boat as close as possible to give you the instructions and tips!

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If you are already a kitesurfer  book a downwinder or a sunrise ride! This is the best way to have fun! Go for a lesson and pick up some additional abilities like riding upwind – no need to walk, we bring you back with boat – the safest ever! –  transitions – we watch you closely to give you the best advice –  jumping – yes! it is easy for you – or doing your first backroll, unhooked jumps!

Lessons from 150 EUR/ day

Downwinder 75 EUR / day


Kiting is pure fun and safe in this way! Try with us!

Contact for more details about accomodation and prices on any social platform, or  :

Learn to fly package (3 nights – 4 days)

Fly a kite and then take off! Perfect long weekend for you! 2 days kite course, one tandem paragliding experience, the weekend you will always remember!  Rejuvenating Thai massage on the last day!
from 550 Eur (price includes the accommodation)

Kite only package (3 nights – 4 days)

3 days beginner kite course – or downwinder (depends on your level) . Daily stretch to keep your muscle fit. Thai massage on last day. Fun for body and soul!

from 500 Eur (price includes the accommodation)

More packages…

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