World traveler kitesurf and yoga instructor couple

A few years ago i, lefi , decided to give up my office job and do my passion for living. That is how i become a kitesurf instructor.

At that time i was dating with The girl…

And i was sad to tell her, that i am going to leave our country and travel to follow the wind. I was sad because I was afraid she will stay.. But she replied happily: I will come with you! It was so simple to start our dream..

If life gives you the chance – Just say YES!

Since than we had great opportunities around the world. We had a lot of fun, we saw beautiful places, we met many great people, and we made a few good friends. We are running a blog about it, and we make a lot videos about our life.

Maybe we can influence you in a good way. Our goal is to make a possitive change in the world. To show the life is more than taking debit and working 9-5. We hope we can inspire you to follow your dreams.

We had so great experiences that we decided to share it whit you! That is how the page was born!

Contact for more details any social platform, or  : the.epicgust@gmail.com

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It is good for your health! Proven 🙂

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