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Collecting the best memories of the COMO summer! EPIC!

The Epic Gust – 414 kiting 2017 from lefi on Vimeo.

Rain brings out the chef from us! Let’s see how we make a healthy muffin! Do your own with us!

Epic MuFFiN TIme! from lefi on Vimeo.

Uphill project – One day after some rain we wake up and all the mountains around us were white again ! We decided to go uphill and grab some snow… We did not reached the snow though but it was fun!

Uphill projekt from lefi on Vimeo.

The Trip to Italy – This is how it was – mostly rainy.. We loved it!

COMO – The start from lefi on Vimeo.

The Happines – is about our great time in Thailand. We love this amazing country, and this country loves us back. The land of smile!

The Happiness – Thailand 2016 from lefi on Vimeo.

The collection of my students from the Thai season! Yalla!

Kitesurfers of Thailand- 2016 NKBclub from lefi on Vimeo.

The Bali experience. It is just a WOW! The colors the sea, the waves … There are no words…  But a video!

Bali – The Epic Gust from lefi on Vimeo.

The Epic Adventure – Invitation to Thailand

THE EPIC ADVENTURE from lefi on Vimeo.

Season in Greece! We loved it!

Summer in Greece – THE EPIC GUST from lefi on Vimeo.

Kitesurfing – Paros! I learned a lot here!

2015 Paros – The Epic Gust from lefi on Vimeo.

Thailand for the first time!

Angkor Wat – 3 day trip to the hidden paradise.

A cocktail recipe based on Coconut!

The monkey hill! First time we met wild monkeys. Amazing experience!