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As an instructor I am getting ratings on the IKO webpage, you find them on the bottom of the page!  Over 1000 teaching hours and 100 satisfied guest! Very proud of it! Come you can be one of the happy riders!

Thailand 2016 …. Vacation, entertainment, research, socializing…. I felt the need to share with you how I felt with The Epic Gust in Thailand in 2016 . And I can say that was a great time with them. Immediately upon arrival I was offered accommodation and embrace of friendship. Unexpected help I got from Epic Gust was amazing. Nothing was difficult for them; they took me and showed the city as a true local. They helped me later on the new accommodation. Always smiling and with very positive attitude, they always had a good energy. Advice that has helped me for my kite technique is invaluable. Professional who always smiling and very talkative and always ready to explain any little thing regarding kite techniques. Such openness and kindness expressed from someone I just met will remember for a long time .This experience with them has opened a new page that will mean future gatherings. Thank you for every moment and all the socializing experience I look forward to seeing you soon


Belgrada, Serbia


The Epic (Single) Guest: Discover Asia – Discover Yourself …that was the general idea of my trip to Thailand 2016 February. Apart from the obvious; switching off from work and getting a summer tan in the middle of the Swiss winter – discovering the ancient culture of the East and discovering myself was my specific goal this February. Traveling with The Epic Guest was an obvious choice; I used to work together with Lefi several years ago, and luckily we managed to stay in touch through the years. After we discussed and pre-arranged my visit to them he packed me up with same basic info on what I can expect in the magical Thai world. But nothing could have prepare me of the share excitement of that long week I spent there. After a short pitstop and a long night in Bangkok, I arrived to Hua Hin City on a steamy hot afternoon. At that point I was over a 12 hours Emirates flight from Zurich, a proper ‘whatever happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok’ fun and a nice amount of whiskey-just for keeping up the good pace. Lefi and Viki arranged me the pinkest and the fastest scooter available which became my fundamental partner for the next 7 days. Either I have to lift friends, travel all day long on the countryside or lift my heavy duty suitcase, the little scooter managed everything. It is hard to explain how many sights, places, people and feelings I discovered over there, I’ll let the pictures talk. But The Epic Gust? They really did everything for me. Helped to maintain my petrolhead needs, they assisted in renting jet skis (for me its probably as much adrenalin pumping as for them kiting), they put me in their fully air conditioned room in their apartment ( I can hardly sleep over 20 degrees). They recommended places to visit but they always stayed open for my own experiences (apparently I like to follow my own intentions, the way which helps you end up having magical experiences or getting into trouble), they were amazing company if needed, but they were also tolerant when I wanted to be my own. I did not wanted to write a classic review. It would not have fit me, it would not have match my trip, it would not have match the Epic Gust Team. It is about the adventure. It is about to explore. You got some heads up – now it is time for you to discover the journey yourself!


Zürich, Switzerland

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We had a wonderful two weeks with The Epic Gust!
They hosted us in their home in Thailand and they acted like a local host from the beginning.
Of course to fit in to the thai world it is easy: you only have to smile and they smile back to you. This is the way they are and you feel yourself at home for the very first moment.
It was easy for us to see the thai local social life with the help of our hosts: we ate where the thai people eat every day, we went for a massage where the locals go, we used a scooter just like the natives

(and they taught us how to drive a scooter). Every moment was fascinating.
Probably the tourist who living in one of the luxury hotel on the 8 km long sandy beach not see this miracle what we lived there. Thanks for the experience we can’t wait to repeat again!


Budapest, Hungary

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