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Thailand is unique by it’s culture, food varieties and people.. It is a place to worth just go to get out from the grey weekdays, to forget all the bad habits and thoughts you have. No stress. Happy people around you. And the best varieties of amazing fresh, tasty and good food.


Of course not the last destination even for Kitesurfing. Hua Hin the kings holiday city offers you a 7 km sandy beach for try your skills. Perfect for those who want to try out this sport. Perfect for more experienced riders. Warm water, gentle sun, and smooth stable wind. Although the season is pretty long – from late November the wind is kiteable until late May, the best part is from February until the start of the rainy season (late may).

In this period the wind is every day there from midday until sunset. No early wake up needed! Good for the late sleepers! From at least 12 up to 20 knots most of the times. Mid choppy water, no big waves… It is a dream… Above pictures here is a video of our last season spent there. YOU can catch the feeling!

It is no coincidence why we called it “The Happiness”

The Happiness – Thailand 2016 from lefi on Vimeo.


Feel free to contact for any advises or tips! We are happy to help because we know you will have a GREAT time over there.

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After a long kiter day you can have Thai massage from the professional masseurs they waiting for you every corner. And have a late dinner on one of the food courts that so famous at that city. Great tastes, beautiful people, good vibes. All what you need on a holiday!


Greece – Islands – Paros

Paros the Island we spent a summer so far, but we visited many others. Antiparos, Naxos, Santorini offers crystal clear water, astonishing view, wildlife, and perfect wines.

Windy place – perfect condition for kitesurfing

The see is like a pool, no matter how deep is you can see and watch what is going under you, what fishes and turtles are doing for fun. Cyclades is the island group that has the charming blue and white houses, the ones that gets in your mind any time you thinks about Greece. That is true. This view is not everywhere. Just imagine that blue they use for the windows… That is exactly the color of the sea. Salty healthy see that washes away all your problems and bad thoughts..

Raceboard kitesurfing at Paros

And the strong Meltemi that the wind that blowing trough all Greece. That is the reason why this island are so famous in surfer, kitesurfer and windsurfer groups.

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The clear water also gives you a perfect chance to go under and dive! Shipwrecks, rocks and underwater caves. Tasty! Dont forget the gyros with some greek salad! The feta cheese and the tomatoes taste is the one you should not miss!

Bali – Indonesia

Bali is amazing. Truly an other world place, it is like not on Earth.. If you are in Thailand, Buli is just a jump from there, you can easily make your way, and stay for a week and see the thing worth to see from 3-400 Euros. It kind a cheap to be on the island of Gods.

Bali is amazing not just because the green is more green there, because the see beauty is more beautiful than anywhere else in the world, because every sunset looks there like a painting, it is amazing and perfect as it is.
You will feel good vibes every corner. People are smiling, happy, and living fully their life. And even though all this, the place is cheap. You can have main meals for less than 1 eur at the local kiosk. And they are tasty. Nasi goreng! Go for it! Special Balinese coffee! Thing you must try!

Although it is not the best for kiting – at Gili Air (small island) you can find kite schools, and wind from October to December. Bali is a surfer paradise so if you go there it is time to learn something new! It is hard, i am not going to lie, but worth it! Go get an instructor, or try by yourself. The fun is included. But you need to be tough! You cant control the water… It will control you… So learn to read it, and use it!

We recommend the more quite places in Bali, due the famous ones are already really overcrowded. It is worth spend a few days in Kuta, but discover the rice terraces, the volcano, and the mysterious temples. All really worth it, the experience you will never forget!